Clearwater Lights is a Christmas light display synchronized to music, not a light
display synchronized to Christmas music.  There's a difference.

Not every song is a Christmas song.  
There are TV & movie themes, oldies, lots of The Ventures, and even Pink Floyd.  
(Seriously, what light show is complete without a little PF?)

The music we've chosen to synchronize lights to is music we like personally.  
(Okay, maybe Sharon doesn't personally like EVERY song, but you get the idea...)
While you might not share our taste in music, we don't believe you'll find anything
offensive.  If you don't like the song that's playing, you'll probably like the next one.

Kids favorites are concentrated early in the evening.  Most of the songs in the early
show are Christmas / holiday songs.

The middle show has about a 50/50 mix of Christmas music and other music.

The late show has mostly other music, but there are a few Christmas tunes included.

From 12/26 through New Year's Eve almost all Christmas and Santa-specific songs
are removed from the rotation, and no consideration is given to the time of evening
that a particular song plays.