Existing Clearwater Lights (CWL) sequences from 2009 - 2013 seasons are now available for purchase!  Limited
selections from 2008 (144 channels) are also available.  Contact us for details on 2008 sequences.  

Please read this page carefully and completely to avoid disappointment.

Sequences are non-refundable from the moment the file is electronically dispatched to the buyer.  No exceptions for
any reason.  Lost or corrupted files will be replaced to the original purchaser for one year from date of purchase.    

CWL sequences from 2009 - 2011 have between 17 - 21 tracks.  Each track contains only a particular type of
display element, such as mini trees, arches, spinners, etc.  The sequences were created using the advanced
license level of each successive version of LOR S2 software.  If you have at least that software version you'll have
no problems.  Lesser license levels will very likely have issues.  (Sorry, we can't do anything about that.  Consider
upgrading your LOR software.)

CWL sequences from 2012 and 2013 were created using advanced license level of successive versions of LOR S3
software.  They have either 4 or 5 tracks, but only three are essential.  Your license level needs to cover at least 3

All sequencing is 100% original.  Sequences from 2009 have ~ 300 programmed regular channels.
Sequences from 2010 have ~ 400 regular channels.
Sequences from 2011 have ~ 500 regular channels.
Sequences from 2012 have 600+ regular channels.  
2013 Sequences have 600+ regular channels and thousands of pixels.

Starting in 2010, LOR Cosmic Color Devices were added, and their number has increased each year.  All pixel
sequencing is manual and original.  CCD sequencing varies from sequence to sequence with no guarantee that
any particular RGB/pixel device is sequenced in any particular song.    

CWL sequence prices DO NOT include audio files.  Title/Artist information is included, and it's YOUR responsibility
to acquire your own copy of the music.  You DO NEED the exact same version of the song or the timing of the lights
will be incorrect and look quite crappy.  

Some CWL sequences were created with an audio file that has been edited in some way.  Most are nothing more
than adding half a second of silence to the beginning of the song, or lopping off a few seconds of silence at the
end.  Should you discover any other long-forgotten editing surprises, we'll help you out.

If you have questions about anything written above, please DO NOT order any sequences until those questions
have been completely answered.

We wish you the best with your 2015 light display!

For a list/description of various display elements:  CLICK HERE

Song titles, artists, and video links (where available):  
2009     2010     2011     2012     2013

Sequence Prices:
2009: $15 - $35 each  (Most are $25)
2010: $30.00 each
2011 - $35.00 each
2012 - $40.00 each
2013 - $45.00 each

Ordering Information  

Pay Pal the total to:  Send an email to that same address
listing the sequence(s) you're ordering.  You'll receive a Dropbox link to the file(s).
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